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Best Pizza in Miami

Who Has the Best Pizza in Miami?

The question of who has the best pizza in Miami is sure to spark debate. This is mainly because there are many styles of pizza, and everyone has their favorite. Therefore, whoever you ask will tell you about the pizzeria that they think is best at their preferred type.

When it comes to authentic Neapolitan pizza, nothing beats one from the D'Oro Pizza Bar. This is pizza that Downtown Miami's Brickell area workers and residents have come to love. It is family-owned and operated, and serves hand-crafted fast-fired pizza that is made on-demand. The pizza never sits there waiting for a customer, because it doesn't start to get cooked until it is ordered. This gives it a level of freshness that you're unlikely to get from any chain.

What makes the D'Oro Pizza Bar home to the best pizza in Miami is that, on top of the freshness, most of the ingredients come from Italy. This gives the flavor authenticity that cannot be replicated with knock-off ingredients.
On top of this, the D'Oro Pizza Bar makes sure to serve accompaniments that are far above the usual soft drinks you'd find at one of the fast chain pizzerias. You can choose from a variety of boutique wines and beers, add Italian paninis, burgers, gourmet salads or dessert, or even have a burger for dinner and not have pizza at all. With all of this adding to the experience, it's no wonder so many people think the D'Oro Pizza Bar is the best pizza Downtown Miami Brickell-based.

If you don't want to drive into Brickell to get your pizza, you don't have to miss out. D'Oro also delivers!

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